The Queen has decided to organize a joint party on the 40th anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton


Ordinary grandparents usually give a crumpled $ 20 on their grandson’s birthday, stuffing it into an envelope that is often stolen in the mail.

And here Queen Elizabeth accidentally throws a huge party in one of her palaces on her grandson’s birthday, which is not so strange.

Her Majesty “congratulates Prince William and on the occasion of his 40th birthday together” Queen has taken on the responsibility of organizing the event at her home on the Sandringham estate.

The queen thinks that they should celebrate their birthdays in that style.

It is assumed that the guests will of course be members of the royal family, but the royal family has not yet technically confirmed the details.

Kate turned 40 in January, but was unable to celebrate her birthday because of an increase in pandemic cases.

It is not even clear when the birthday party will take place, but obviously everyone has a question: will Prince Harry and Megrn Markle be present?

40 is certainly a significant year for William and Kate, so maybe Harry will decide to come; Let’s wait for updates.

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