The funny conversation of the dog and his owner became viral garnering more than 250million views


So judging by 205million views, surely IT CAN BE CONSIDERED ”the best video”.

The video of this dog immediately after it appeared on the Internet caused a lot of laughter.

Recently, it has started to spread again, continuing its tour all over the Internet.

In tհis famous video, thwe owner talks to hisdog about food.

But what makes this video so funny is that the owner made it look to the viewers as if the dog was actually talking to him.

The dog “answers” the questions very cheerfully, being in complete tension.

It seems that the answers are coming right from the dog’s mouth and it got a very innocent sound.

The dog with those precious eyes looks so sweet and clever.

When the sweet boy looks back and constantly answers “Yes?”, It seems that he asks to be given that bacon, but once again the owner disappoints him by eating the meat.

It’s a conversation that each of us has probably imagined with our pets.

WE’RE sure this sweet video will make people smile for many years.

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