The cat, who used to life on the street almost all his life, was rescued by a kind man and discovered that he was blind


This cat used to live on the street almost all his life until it was met by this kind-hearted man. Some time later, he discovered that the cat was blind.

Juan is a very kind person who has been taking care of animals for years. He takes care of the cats in his neighborhood.

After making sure they are healthy, he then tries to sterilize them with the help of local rescuers.

Belladonna recently joined the cat family and became part of them. At first no one knew he was blind because he was able to use his other senses perfectly.

Finally, when the man found out that the cat was blind, he turned to Little Wanderers NYC.

At that time, the cat also started to lose weight quickly and everything started to get even worse.

He had lost his appetite and wanted to sleep all the time. When he was taken to the veterinarian, it turned out that he had infectious peritonitis of cats.

However, they were not going to give up and decided to do everything to ensure the best life for Belladonna.

With the help of the community, they were also able to find effective ways to treat the disease.

One of the rescuers, Susie, found all the necessary medicine for Belladonna so that he could recover immediately.

Fortunately, everything started to go well for the cat ․ He began to regain balance, also walk and eat normally.

Day by day he became stronger and healthier. We are so happy for the sweet cat and thank everyone that they did everything to ensure the best life for him.

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