The adorable kitten with special abilities is Panccake, who has adopted the sweetest ways to play and sleep


This kitty has a name that best describes him – the Pancake.

The sweet creature is a little more special than other kittens, but he, like everyone else, loves to play, eat and sleep.

Of course, he adores doing it and spends most of the day asleep.

However, here is the peculiarity of our sweet Pancake.

The baby was born with a deformed skeleton and both of its front legs are missing.

He is currently being cared for by Megan Mellon, who told that the family where the cat was born seeing the baby wanted to euthanize him immediately.

Fortunately, before that Megan found out about the kitten and saved him.

Megan took cared of many cats already, but has never had a pet with special needs before and was initially concerned about how to properly care for him.

But after a while she found out about another cat, which was two-legged and became quite popular on the Internet.

That story inspired the girl a lot and she cared so much for the cat that the Pancake quickly grew and flourished in a short time.

The sweet baby also began to adjust to its position and realized how he could move more easily just standing on 2; legs.

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