Chicco is a very unique and friendly cow, who never loses the opportunity to sleep on she shoulder of the volunteers


Chico is known to be a very active cow, but even he certainly needs to sleep from time to time, and the most successful have the opportunity to use their friend’s shoulder to “faint”.

Chico has been in The Gentle Barn for several years when he was rescued by kind volunteers and brought here.

When Chico first came, he seemed to be leading the whole herd, because when he went to the grass, the other cows chased after him.

So Lax understood one simple thing: if սhe wanted to win the trust of all the cows, she had to win Chico’s trust first.

Fortunately, after a very short time, she succeeded and Chico started eating from her hand and allowing her to hug.

Chico loves to play and run, even if it is winter and it is snowing, and when the playing time is over and the sweet cow is tired, he becomes very “soft”.

One day he was so tired that he could not stand it and slept on the shoulder of one of the volunteers.

Lax says that when cows start to trust people on their farm, they become very friendly and loving.

These days, Chico can often be seen resting with other cows.

It seems that he understands well how to live life properly and enjoy every minute.

Chico is so happy that he has so much room to run, and if he gets tired, well, there are a lot of shoulders to sleep on.

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