The sweet dog-unicorn from fairy tale has managed to melt the hearts of millions of people


If you used to be convinced that unicorns live only in fairy tales, then we have come to show you that such miracles happen in the real world too.

Get ready to see something very magical. Miracle looks like a puppy named Narwal.

A 12-week-old dog was found on the streets of Missouri.

He was found with another dog.

Both were rescued by non-commercial Mac’s Mission volunteers for dogs with special needs.

They have already helped thousands of dogs with their wonderful staff.

Experts say that the extra tail of this adorable puppy has nothing to do with it and has no other “benefit” than making it the sweetest puppy.

According to the veterinarian, there is no reason to remove the tail, as it does not hurt him and can not cause any problems for him.

Narval is no less than any other cub.

He just has an unusual appearance that makes him look like so cute.

The sweet puppy is not yet available for adoption because they still want to check how he is growing to make sure that everything is alright.

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