11-year-old boy spends his whole weekend helping stray dogs and change the people’s attitude towards them


Boy spends his weekend volunteering for the stray dogs.

Unlike other children of his age, he does not spend his weekends playing with հիս friends or watching TV, but doing such a good deed.

The boy is only 11 years old, whose name is Thiago. He understands from such a young age how many challenges street dogs and cats have to go through and is ready to give up all games to help them.

He wants to do something good to help the abandoned animals in Brazil.

Of course, he could not bring everyone home, so he dec’ided to improve their lives in some other way.

It was the end of 2020, when the boy and his father created the “Sou de rua mes to limpinhoi” project, starting to help and change the lives of the stray dogs around him.

At first it was not so easy, but father and son were able to solve the problems immediately.

Because stray dogs are unfortunately often abused, it was very difficult to catch them because they were afraid of people.

After a while, they decided to apply to another organization, and with their help they managed to start bathing the rescued dogs.

Thiago’s father also posted pictures of them on social media, setting an example for others.

They have already received a lot of support from their whole community, as well as numerous donations in the form of pet baths.

In this way, Tiago influenced the attitude of people towards stray animals, persuading them to change their attitude and accept them into their homes.

According to Tiago, they are wonderful creatures that just need to be shown love.

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