While walking in their street he little girl named Isa saved the life of the puppy and from that day on they’re inseparable


One da a girl named Isa had just gone for a walk.

Her older cousin asked her to buy milk from a nearby store, but she brought home something that was very unexpected for everyone.

When Silva noticed Isa, it was just shocking. Silva said that when she looked out of their gate, she noticed Isa holding something strange in her hand.

Some time later it turned out that the girl had saved a life. There was a little puppy in the little girl’s arms.

Silva was very confused at first and did not understand what was happening.

After a while Isa told what had happened.

As Isa was walking in the area, she noticed on their street how the boys were hitting the puppy so she could not pass by indifferently.

She decided to help the dog and move him to a safe place. After heaint that story, Silva was glad that she had saved the poor baby.

That day they started taking care of the baby and since that day the pup named Melll is at their house and has already fully recovered.

They have a number of other rescue dogs; but these two has become so attached to each other that they can no longer separate.

Their friendship is so unique and adorable…

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