A South African hunter who used to hunt elephants and lions was eaten by a crocodile …


This story will probably make all readers feel the shiver we felt when we heard that sad and terrible news.

It has already managed to shock the whole world ․․․

Scott Zill was a wildlife hunter who owned a company called SS Pro-Safaris.

A very painful incident happened to him recently. He was hunted by crocodiles during his last hunt.

Scott was a highly experienced hunter who videotaped and photographed all of his travels, as well as cherishing his hunting goblets.

That day, when he and his dogs went hunting again, he parted from his dogs for a moment and found himself on a completely different side of the Limpopo River. It turned out it was considered a flourishing crocodile nest.


Scott was nowhere to be seen for hours, so a rescue and search team was sent to the area, which was conducting intensive search operations.

Finally, a few hours later, they found the man’s backpack on the river bank. Following his footsteps, rescuers found out what had happened ․․․

Sadly, the remains of Scott were later found in the stomach of a crocodil;e, which was later killed by the authorities.

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