Two heroic dogs saved the life of their 71-year-old owner, who lost consciousness during the campaign.


These two puppies just deserve the title of best dogs after they became rescuers of their owner.

It was a cold day when a 71-year-old man and his two dogs were getting ready to hike Mount Keswick, located in England.

Although it was not the highest mountain, it was not easy to climb, and turned put to be full of challenges.

During the campaign, the man suddenly had a seizure and lost consciousness, and there was no one around except his dogs.

The best help for him at that moment would be for someone to pass through that area, or for his companions to think of something to save him.

The Labrador began to move in the direction of the woman who had passed by them, and the golden retriever was left with their oner to watch over him, as the man was unconscious.

Seeing the woman, the Labrador began to bark so that he could attract her attention.

Fortunately, this kind stranger realized that something was wrong and began to follow the dog.

When they arrived, the other dog was still lying next to him, waiting. The woman quickly called the rescue center and soon the doctors came and started assessing him.

Fortunately, it was confirmed that everything was fine with him and that he was safe. He was carefully taken to a hospital for further tests to make sure he was alright.

Thanks to these brilliant dogs and a kind women, the life of their dad was saved.

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