The poor dog had been deprived of family love for so long that when they gave him a slice of pizza he seemed to go ‘crazy’


Pit bulls, which are initially trained by their owners to fight other dogs, are usually considered dangerous. But Finn’s life was more difficult than you might think.

He had been deprived of family warmth and love and also good food for so long that when he was finally rescued, he simply did not know how to express his joy or excitement.

When he got his first tasty snack, he could not even believe it. This poor dog grew up in very terrible conditions and was never treated well and did not even know what family warmth was.

When the rescuers handed him a slice of pizza, he seemed to go crazy.

He did not know how to behave and started running from one corner of the room to the other, sliding on the floor and hitting his body to the walls.

His joy was boundless, and he admired even that slice of pizza. This sweet pit bull showed how little is really needed for happiness.

Sometimes small things in life bring more joy than you can imagine.

He is now finally living the life he really deserves, in a safe, happy and very comfortable home, and of course he loves to eat pizza.

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