Here is the story of absolutely gorgeous creatures of Germany – ”black horses” from fairy tale


Of course, all the creatures of the wild are wonderful and unique, ready to capture the hearts of everyone with their beauty.

This time our heroes seem to have visited us from the magical world.

This magnificent representative of wildlife is ready to impress everyone with its wonderful and unique beauty.

So this story is about the most beautiful horses in Germany.

The breed of these forest creatures is just a fairy tale.

They have a unique color that creates a perfect combination with their golden hair.

Get ready to fall in love with these unique creatures just like us.

This breed is endemic to the forest of southwestern Germany.

The German people believed that these creatures had been extinct for more than 600 years.

These horses are very patient and calm. Horses are used as a means of transportation and are ideal for riding.

It is known that these horses have a highly developed reproductive system, so we hope that their number will increase in the future, as their existence is endangered now.

They are called “pearls of the forest” and looking at their beauty, it becomes clear why they are called like that.

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