After becoming homeless the boy had to leave his dog in the shelter but thousands of people stepped in to help


One day Chris Roubinson, the director of the shelter, was sitting in the office when someone came in with his puppy.

It was a 4-5month old dog named Jada. The boy was crying and asked the man if he could leave his dog there.

Chris told him that their shelter was full at that moment, but the boy said something that simply moved Chris.

The boy said that he could no longer take care of his beloved friend, as he was homeless living under a bridge .

So Chris could not refuse the boy and he decided to share a photo of Jada who was lying with very sad eyes.

After the pic and the story about them appeared on the Internet, it spread so fast that Chris could not even imagine.

Thousands of people expressed their desire to help them.

So Chris decided to find the boy by contacting the appropriate authorities.

It was the happiest day of the boy’s life. They were able to find the boy and provide him with a place to stay with his beloved dog.

He was so excited to be reunited with his dog that he did not know how to express his boundless gratitude.

People are still donating for these two and we are very grateful to everyone for their big heart.

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