The woman did everything to win the trust of the stray dog, who was so terrified that didn’t want to get out from under the car.


Unfortunately, there are still so many stray dogs who do not know what family love and warmth are.

One day Hope for Paw received a call and the stranger informed about a stray dog. It was a German shepherd.

The dog was just sitting under the car and did not want to get out.

He must have waited so long to be rescued that he finally lost hope and trust in people.

The locals said that the dog was crying incessantly. He had such innocent and sad eyes.

The poor dog hid under the car to protect himself from heartless and cruel people. Here is how it all started.

One day a woman was passing by when she suddenly noticed the helpless dog.

Her name is Loretta. She tried her best to get the dog’s attention so she could help him.

She brought a burger for the dog and the dog finally started approaching her.

The dog was left without love and warmth for so long that when the woman started stroking him, he started crying.

She promptly contacted the nearest rescue center and they immediately came to the rescue.

They were very careful with the dog, as he was still terrified.

A few days after the dog was taken to the shelter, his condition began to improve day by day, which made everyone very happy.

Two weeks later the dog was adopted by a wonderful family, where there is another pet with whom he has a wonderful time.

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