“Here’s my favorite toy so he won’t forget about me”. The boy left his puppy at a shelter so his father couldn’t hit him anymore


Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions, which can also break your heart. That was what the 13-year-old boy faced with a few months ago.

Recently one of the shelters found a box on the doorstep ․ inside which was an adorable puppy and a letter.

The dog also had his soft toy with him. This post simply moved everyone, which they also shared on his Facebook page.

The letter was written by a child, and he mentioned that his father was very cruel to their dog and was also going to sell it to him.

So he decided to save the dog and chose this option. After people read this story, thousands of people wanted to help the dog.

There were also people who wanted to adopt a puppy. The shelter first checked the puppy’s health.

At first glance, it was clear that the dog’s tail was broken, so they took the dog to the veterinarian.

Besides, the dog had other problems, but the whole team was ready to help him overcome all that.

Later it became clear that the boy’s name was Andres, who is 13 years old and lives in Mexico.

No other additional information was found out about him.

The letter stated that this decision was made by the boy together with his mother.

He also wrote that once his father hit the dog so hard that his tail was badly damaged.

The boy wrote that he was sure that they would take good care of their dog and everything would be fine with him.

He also sent one of his favorite toys with the dog so that he would never forget himself.

Now the puppy is feeling great and it is time to choose an eternal family for him, for which, as we mentioned, there are many choices.

They received more than 350 messages expressing a great desire to adopt and take care of the sweet puppy.

Unfortunately, there are still so many abused animals in the world.

Each of us should follow Andres’ example and help them to the best of our ability. They all need our love and warmth.

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