The kind-hearted Father Joao sets a wonderful example for everyone helping homeless dogs find their forever homes


Because of their incredible loyalty and love, they are considered to be human’s best friends.

Although they are considered to be the most incredible and kind creatures in the world, unfortunately there are still millions of dogs wandering the streets without food and water.

Father Joao decided to set an example for everyone by inspiring people to adopt stray dogs.

The priest started bringing helpless dogs to the church, hoping that people would see them and express a desire to adopt them.

By this step, the kind priest not only gave shelter to these poor and helpless creatures, but also provided them with food.

The volunteers also came to help the priest by setting up special places for dogs outside the church.

The priest also mentioned that he would like to receive all the homeless animals in his house, but unfortunately that is not possible. So he found an alternative for them.

He is also very grateful to the volunteers who are helping him accomplish this importnant mission.

We should also follow the example of this kind man and always reach out to those in need as much as it is possible.

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