Every night, when everyone is asleep already, the baby gets out of bed to sleep with his furry friend


bBrutus was onlu 2years old when they came to adopt her. Before bringing the dog home, they knew how good the pet could be, but they could never have imagined how important this dog would be to their newborn baby.

When the mother was 20 weeks pregnant, it became clear that the baby had a serious heart defect.

When the baby was born, he underwent several procedures before being able to have open-heart surgery.

Happily, they found out about the baby’s problem in time, because everything could have ended very badly.

7weeks later, the baby was finally able to go home.

When they got home and Brutus first met his brother, the connection between them was instantaneous.

The lovely dog seemed to know that the baby needed extra care and was by his side every minute.

They just adore each other, spneding every moment together.

Brutus sits at the door of the room until he is allowed inside.

They do not separate even when sleeping.

The dog used to sleep on the rug in front of the baby crib, but now they sleep together.

Now Finn prefers to hug his best friend in his bed rather than stay in his bed.

Now they can not spend even a minute apart.

As you can see, the dog does not mind his brother using him as a pillow.

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