The adorable bird decided to provide a company for the Ukrainian soldier and give him warm kiss


They all seem to be from a fairy tale, real miracles of nature.

They always appear at the moment when they are most needed and will not leave until everything is settled.

It is true that these sweet creatures do not speak, but instead they feel everything and are always ready to help.

I think you have already guessed what creatures we are talking about.

Thanks to many stories, we have been convinced many times how caring and sensitive they can be.

This is another beautiful and, first of all, unexpected situation, which can immediately bring a smile on the face of anyone who will see these two, even in the worst situations.

You see on your screens a moment when a Ukrainian soldier was taking a break from the fighting, at that moment he was visited by the world’s sweetest guest – a small and very very smart bird.

The sweetie seemed to be really worried about the soldier and came to whisper in his ear that everything would be fine.

The soldier began to smile even in that condition.

What refers to the bird, he seemed to like the soldier very much, cause he was constantly watching him.

Then the bird decided to kiss its new friend, it just gets a little painful.

But in any case, he managed to turn that gloomy situation into joy.

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