The military dog was watching the sleeping soldier at the airport, who had probably returned from service


In the United States Army, dogs play a very responsible role, ready to even risk their lives to protect others.

They have many skills that even humans lack, such as their strong sense of smell and the ability to detect mines and bombs very quickly.

They are perfectly able to “cooperate” and build relationships with their teammates, which they also maintain after completing their service.

Recently, an exciting incident took place at the airport, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Their photo immediately went viral all over the Internet. The picture shows a devoted military dog ​​guarding a soldier who was sleeping at the airport.

When people saw this scene, they were simply amazed at how the German shepherd protected his friend so attentively.

We do not know if they were going to fly to the deployment or if they were returning home after completing their service, but one thing was clear: they were exhausted and they needed to rest immediately.

And this soldier could sleep peacefully, knowing that his faithful companion was watching over his sleep and ensuring his safety.

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