This rabbit is so huge, that he even has his own bedroom and enjoys his life to the fullest


The very charming creature has recently surprised the whole world with its huge size.

The giant rabbit is named Jester, who weighs about 20pounds, but he lives such a wonderful life that will make each of us envious of him.

We have always seen only little rabbits run through the fields to find carrots, but this one is different.

His loving mother does everything for him and he has everything he needs to be happy and feel comfortable.

Despite his huge size, he is still 18 months old and lives in Lincolnshire, England. He even has his own bedroom in their house.

Lee, his mother, is a retired cook, and it’s already clear, I think, how delicious Jester’s meals are.

In addition to eating, he also enjoys watching TV.

The family adopted him when he was only a few days old.

They provided the rabbit with a life that anyone would want.

He is a giant terrestrial rabbit, one of the hugest rabbits in the world.

He has the potential to grow even more, but that won’t cause any problem, because in their house there is enough space for him.

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