For 10 years now the dog goes to the store every morning to bring breakfast for his beloved owner


This story is dedicated to a wonderful dog who knows exactly how to express his gratitude to the one who saved him years ago.

This dog has been taking breakfast to his grandmother for years, who has certain problems with walking.

This is how it all started. He was a few months old when his former owner left him and he stayed on the street.

He wandered the streets day and night until an old woman approached to help him.

The woman decided to adopt the dog, providing him with the happy life that his former family had deprived him of.

Because his grandmother’s feet often ached, they seldom went out for walks together.

They only went shopping together in the morning to buy food.

But one day Grandma fell while walking, and the dog lost the last opportunity to go out with grandma.

The dog seemed to realize that he had to do something.

He was very anxious for his grandmother for a few days and this is what he decided to do.

Since the dog was already familiar with the way to the store, he decided to take on that responsibility and to buy food for his grandmother.

When the guard first saw the dog there, he was simply astonished.

The dog had gone to the store on his own to buy everything they needed. Everyone there knew him very well.

It is so amazing to see a dog carrying a bag of food in his mouth . This is what true love and devotion look like.

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