While working the mechanic heard some voices from the trash and what he found simply astonished him


This mechanic is known as R.J., who recently saved a life during his usual day.

While working in the store, he suddenly heard a voice coming from a nearby trash can.

At first he thought it was a raccoon looking for food there, but anyway he went to check.

There he saw a backpack which was moving. When he took out that backpack, what he saw simply astonished him.

There was a little cub there with whome someone was treated so cruelly.

If this man had not been so careful, the puppy would probably have stayed there.

But fortunately everything changed thanks to this man and now the baby is living the best life he could not even dream of.

He first took the baby to a clinic, where they confirmed that he had many signs of abuse – a broken jaw, a lung infection, but he has already been treated and everything is fine with him.

It was then that R.G. Realized that he could no longer separate from the puppy, so he decided to adopt him, naming the baby Midas.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending thanks to this kind man who came to the rescue at the exact time.

It is not clear who treated him that way, but most importantly, he is now safe and happy with his new family.

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