The man had to say goodbye to his beloved dog hugging and kissing him for the very last time


It is a pity to say goodbye to the most beloved ones;

This story moved everyone, where the owner had to say goodbye to his doggy.

It is simply impossible not to get touched about all this.

That heartbreaking moment touched everyone’s hearts, receiving words of infinite compassion. .

The owner is so broken, realizing that there are minutes left.

He can not imagine his life without his beloved friend, who has been by his side all the good and bad days.

The pictures reflect all the grief of the man. This dog has been by his side for 14 years, becoming like a son to him.

The scene is on a veterinary stretcher, minutes after which he will probably receive the medicine, falling asleep forever.

This man would do anything for his dog to live a few days longer, but unfortunately it is not possible ․․․

After receiving the syringe, his eyes were still open, but in a few minutes he would leave …

The man hugged him tightly and wanted those minutes to last forever. In the deep embrace he can not find any comfort.

He looked into her eyes and kissed her for the last time ․․․

“Thank you for every second of your loyalty, thank you for every second of your boundless love.”

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