His way home the boy met mother goose with her 48 fluffy babies, who looked after them so carefully


Mike Digaut, who is from Canada, said that he has not been a fan of geese before. However, one day everything changed.

It happened after he saw this magnificent mother goose. This wonderful mother was taking care of her huge family.

On his way home from work, Digout was walking along the river near his house when he suddenly saw this beautiful sight.

He immediately turned on his camera to shoot these sweet creatures, who also seemed to be out for a walk with the whole family.

They are so cute and so small. They look like tennis balls with legs.

It was just amazing. There were so many babies.They seemed to be 17 ․

Fluffy babies trying to ”crawl’ under their mother’s protective wings.

The next day there were 26 goslings, then 30, and a few days later their number was already 48.

That day Mike saw the goose with her mate taking care of their babird.

She was such a patient mom and it seemed to care for her little ones of the other mother geese as well. It all seemed so magical like from fairy-tale.

The super mommy deserves our praise for doing her motherly responsibilities so wonderfully.

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