The man brought his old dog to be euthanized, cause they didn’t want to take care of him anymore


”Old Dogs” Home is a large village house that has been providing rescue services for many years.

Melissa is 35years old,who is the owner of this place. The house is located in Georgia.

When she started the rescue sservice, her main goal was to rescue and take care of the old dogs.

It was her childhood dream. She could never have imagined that everything would be so successful.

Everything is done in this center for the dogs to be rehabilitated and adopted.

They spare no effort to get the dogs the love and family warmth they deserve.

And that dogs that are already quite old will stay with them forever and they will become their family until the time comes for them to go to paradise.

Melissa recently received a call from her veterinary colleague informing her that a man had brought his elderly dog ​​and wanted to euthanize him because he did not want to take care of the dog.

So Melissa took the dog home. Holly is about 10-11 years old.

He is so sweet and friendly who has already come a long way.

His family no longer wanted to take care of his because they had two other dogs and Holly was too old for them.

Old dogs also deserve our love and warmth. Fortunately, there are wonderful people like Melissa who do their best to make these creatures feel happy and safe for the rest of their lives.

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