As a token of gratitude the sweet gorilla decided to give a very warm hug to his guardian


We have singled out a very precious moment for you, when after being rescued the orphann gorilla, hurried to hug his guardian.

The orphan gorilla was so moved that after all that had happened to him, he needed warmth, and as a token of gratitude, he hugged his guardian, Alvin Mumay.

The employees managed to capture that wonderful moment. The name of the little gorilla is Bobga, who came from Cameroon.

He is cared for by the staff of Limb Wildlife Center, who are all very caring and friendly.

Bobga got so close to his guardians that he decided to surprise them by a warm hug .

Everyone here loves and cares for him greatly .

Bobga loves to play and have a wonderful time here.

Proof of all this are the pictures you see on the screen.

Here you can see the video with his participation, which shows how he is taken care of.

Here he spends so much wonderful time that he can not even think of getting bored -games, different social skills, climbing and so on.

Thanks to this wonderful center, animals get the opportunity of a second life, meeting the most caring people.

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