The wonderful woman decided to make the last days of the stray dog the happiest by hugging and kissing him all day and night.


It would be so awesome that all the dogs on the streets will one day find their eternal homes, where they will receive the love and warmth they have always needed.

When Janine met the sweet pit bull, she realized that she had to do her best to at least make his last days the best for him.

She wanted to make him feel loved, even for a short time.

What Janine did just shocked animal lovers from all over the world.

Janine was a volunteer at Speranza Animal Rescue Centre when Watson was brought in.

The dog was covered in sores, and also had a tumor. There was nothing to do but give him happy days.

Janine knew that the dog had never had a home, no one had taken care of it.

She has met many dogs like Watson, who unfortunately spend their whole lives wandering the streets and have to endure all kinds of disasters.

Realizing all this, Janine wanted to make the dog feel very safe and happy in the last days of his life.

Every day she hugged him tightly, doing everything she could to ensure his peaceful days.

Sadly, after a few days Watson died r, but he left this world with a smile in his face, thanks to a wonderful person like Janine.

Thank you, Janine.

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