A photographer photographed disabled dogs and cats in a unique way donating all the profit for them


All animals are beautiful regardless of their appearance. They all deserve our best treatment.

They are no different from other animals and deserve the same love and warmth as their friends.

This photographer decided to photograph in a unique way the creatures with certain features of appearance, showing the world how beautiful they are.

The name of this photographer is Alex Searns, who has been doing his favorite job for many years, but most of all he likes to photograph dogs and catss, especially those who have health problems and certain disabilities.

He photographs the “flaws” of dogs and cats, presenting it in a more unique way. These creatures are just so wonderful.

The main message of this photographer is that he wanted to show that these disabled dogs and cats also have the right to live their lives to the fullest, happy and loved.

Their photos were included in the book and it was called “Perfect Imperfection”, the heroes of which are these sweet dogs and cats.

These dogs and cats just melted the hearts of all the viewers.

In addition, he donated all the profit from the sale of the book to the fund for animals with health problems.

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