The old dog who had been abandoned by his ruthless owner, started crying when the volunteer approached to caress him


Unfortunately, we often meet homeless dogs on the streets, from which their owners get rid of as if they’re boring toys.

Especially if the dog is sick or old, often heartless people decide to throw them in the street like garbage without feeling guilty.

And after that, a number of disasters await these poor animals. Thousands of people pass by them every day looking at them with indifference.

They see the unhappy eyes of these creatures, but they have no time cause everyone is busy with their daily works.

However, fortunately, there are also people who are ready to help these poor creatures.

Recently, a local shelter workers heard about a dog, which was seen by the inhabitants of the city.

It was an old German shepherd who lived in a river canal, condemned to starvation because of his ruthless owners.

A group of volunteers rushed to the place to rescue the dog and feed him.

When one of them approached to caress the dog, he started crying.

He had not been caressed for so long that he had already lost faith in humanity ․․․

We are happy to note that the dog named Biggie is now healthy and very happy, together with his new loving owner, who willingly agreed to adopt the kind dog.

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