After 12 years of separation the mother elephant reunited with her daughter and grandaughter


This story is about a wonderful family of elephants who had the opportunity to meet each other again.

Porri is already a 40-year-old elehant, who has recently reunited with her 20-year-old daug hter and granddaugher.

In the photo you can see the moment of that wonderful reunion. The elephant has reunited with its daughter Tana after more than 12years of separation.

5-year-old Tanmika is also with them, who is also very excited for this meeting.

It is common for male elephants to leave their families in the wild tofind mates, but as for females, they stay with their mothers for life.

This reunion of them was organized by the zoo, who decided to close the elephant house to give them a chance to relax and get to know each other.

It was a great decision to arrange for Porri to arrive here, which was also an important step in raising elephants.

It is not the best decision for animals to keep them in captivity, so if that’s the case, it should be done to provde the best quality of life for them.

All this is just the beginning of the zoo program, always keeping the elephant population in the zoo in the center of attention.

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