The couple dedicated their life to taking care of wild animals , who had been rescued from captivity


We think you will agree that wild animals, such as lions, tigers, leopards or cheeta hs, are definitely at the top of the list of dangerous animals.

Although they are incredibly beautiful, they are not animals that can be easily approached and petted or hugged.

However, there are people who, unlike others, can easily communicate with them, as this kind person does.

Armand and his wife liketo spend most of their time with the world’s most dangerous wildlife and it has become their normal lifestyle.

The couple rules a sanctuary where 10 lions, 4 tigers, 2leopards and one cheetah live i n peace and harmony,who had been rescued from very bad conditions and given a second chance at life.

Thanks to this man, they seem to be reborn again being saved from captivity, and receiving an eternal and caring home.

Armand mentions that if he could, he would save all the captive lions of the world. He just enjoys spending time with them.

Some people think that this man is crazy that he takes care of such kind of wild animals, but he does it out of boundless love.

He considers himself very lucky to be able to consider these wonderdul animals as his family.

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