The friendship between these two is one of the purest things in this world, especially when they hug each other


We have come to prove to you that the stereotype that dogs and cats are enemies is actually wrong.

We can not even imagine where it came from. In our experience, we have always seen many cases of the exact opposite.

If from the beginning the owners of animals raise them properly, then any conflict between them is excluded.

Animals understand much more than we can imagine. They are very smart and understanding.

Here is another vivid proof for you, which by their example shows how wonderful friends dogs and cats can really be.

This cat and dog from the first moment of their meeting can not imagine their lives without each other.

They are just inseparable friends and do not want to be apart for a minute.

An unusual bond has formed between them that astonishes everyone, especially those who did not believe before that these two animals can be so reconciled by being side by side.

Cats have a habit that is known to many. In addition to themselves, they also like to lick other cats that are friendly to them.

In this case, the cat does not stop licking this sweet doggy, which is proof of how much he loves him and also shows that the two are quite good friends.

The dog, in turn, does not object, as he likes it and also allows the cat to hug him.

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