Ten years later, Tea’s biggest dream came true – she finally reunited with her beloved pet


Tea Bennett’s dog was stolen right in front of her eyes. It was simply the most painful thing that had ever happened to her.

However, she and all her family members did not give up, deciding to return the dog home by all means.

Oli, their dog, was only 2 years old. Unfortunately, the thieves managed to escape, and the 12-year-old girl could not do anything, who just went for a walk with her lovely pet.

Those heartless people just cut the rope and taking the dog ran away .

The girl’s parents first decided to creat a Facebook group, calling it “Find Ollie”.

They published all the details about their pup on the page, so that they could find him in any way.

Many people shared the information, trying to help them.

The group was active at first, but it could not last long, and years later everything began to fade.

It was unbelievable, but after so many years the girl’s dream came true and a miracle happened.

SHe was 22 years old when sweet Ollie was finally found ․․․

The dog was found by some children in a park just 20 miles from their home.

Thanks to Oli’s microchip, they were able to find the dog owners and return it to them.

As soon as Ollie entered the room, he immediately ran to his beloved owner.

It was the most awaited meeting in the world ․․․ They missed each other so much.

Never stop believing, because miracles always happen.

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