The hero dog fought against a mountain lion, risking his life to save his owner


Dogs, as you know, have wonderful instincts.

They are always ready to help when they feel that their owners need it or that they are in danger.

They are ready for anything, even risking their lives.

One such incident occurred in the case of this dog, which saved its owner’s life by fighting a mountain lion.

Erin Wilson recently went for a walk with her dog, but unfortunately that seemingly wonderful and peaceful day turned into a real ordeal.

Suddenly, a mountain lion jumped on Erin and grabbed him.

At that terrible moment, her faithful dog immediately came to her aid, bravely resisting the wild animal.

According to the dog’s owner, the dog hit the wild animal hard, defending them.

Unfortunately, he also had an injury, because the lion had caused him a lot of pain.

Soon Erin started fighting with the wild cat with stones, at which point she also tried to call for help.

Finally, people came to the rescue and rushed the dog to the hospital.

Fortunately, GoFundMe came to the rescue by paying the medical bills.

The hero is now recovering and according to the veterinarians, he will soon fully recover and return to his normal life.

You are a hero, doggy.

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