The talented artist creates so awesome sculptures, that it seems as if they’re live


Many people prefer to go to the beach on weekends to relax and sunbathe.

The sea gives us peace of mind, as well as the opportunity to forget about our problems for a while.

As for this man, in his case, the beach gives him the opportunity to use his talent.

His name is Andoni Bastarrica.

He is from Spain, whose talent simply shocked all the eyewitnesses.

He can create incredible sand sculptures.

Looking at his works, it seems that they are real. He can create incredible sculptures. He is just wonderful.

He said he accidentally discovered this ability a few years ago.


She went to the beach with her daughters and suddenly decided to make a mermaid out of sand.

It was at that moment that the man realized that he was doing great.

His hands seemed to know exactly what to do.

He has been doing his favorite job for 10 years already. It has become his passion and he will never give it up.

Now this man is considered one of the most famous sand sculptors in the world, who always amazes people with his wonderful works.

It sometimes takes days, to make these awesome characters. All of them are just so majestic.

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