The dog whose name is Kaylo, from the day of his rescue can’t stop hugging his mother


Kaylo is a sweet baby who was rescued years ago.

The baby is still very grateful to his mother for rescuing him from the shelter and giving him an eternal home.

He always expresses his gratitude to his beloved mother by his behavior.

Kaylo hugs her mom every day when she returns home.

Kaylo’s mommy, Megan, tells that as soon as she enters the house, she sits down to change her shoes, and at that moment her beloved dog quickly runs to hug her.

Even if she does not sit down, the dog will follow her with the saddest expression on his face, until his beloved mother surrenders and hugs him.

The fact is that Kaylo was only 10 months old when the owners took him to a shelter.

When he was first adopted, he did not receive the love he deserved until Megan found him. That day wil always be unforgettable for both of them.

Kaylo’s eyes shone with happiness. It was the happiest day of his life.

That’s why people call him a hugging dog.

His gratitude is boundless for Megan, who gave him the love and warmth of the world and, of course, a forever home.

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