The mexican police officer heroically saved the life of the dog risking his own life


We often hear stories when dogs protect and save their owners at the cost of their lives.

The opposite happened during this story, when the policeman hurried to save the dog’s life, rescuing him from imminent death.

This policeman became a real hero, putting the safety of the dog above his own life.

This policeman rescued the dog from the clutches of a fierce hell. It was just such a moving scene.

In the dramatic video, we can see how he runs to save the dog from the fire.

All this happened in Mexico. The video was filmed and distributed by the Mexican Federal Police, where it is seen how the officer first encourages the frightened dog to be able to rescue him and move him to a safe place.

The federal police posted the video on their page, where they also wrote that during their work they are constantly faced with serious challenges, which they must carry out with maximum responsibility, as they are always aimed at saving or protecting lives.

Thanks to this brave policeman, the dog was saved and he will always be grateful to his rescuer for giving him the opportunity of second life.

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