You should watch the touching video, where pit bull with walking disabilities greets his owner after a long separation


Our beloved pets are always ready to give us their boundless love and warmth.

We can always wonder how kind these creatures are. Here we have presented a video that moved us all very much.

It’s one of the most exciting videos we’ve ever seen. We are sure that you will feel the same charges as we did.

ALl of us have seen many videos where dogs greet theirowners and they are always very emotional, but this case is somehow special and different from the others.

This dog met his beloved owner after a long time, who is also a military .

His enthusiasm was simply boundless. He did not know how else to express his joy. He missed him a lot. You just have to see it.

The fact is that the dog named Emma is paralyzed. This sweet pitbull was born with a defect and therefore had difficulty walking.

Despite all that, he is still happy and very grateful to his family for taking care of him with so much love and warmth.

He has had many wheelchairs for several years, but he does not like them. So he prefers to walk without them.

Now hurry to watch the video. We are sure you will be moved while watching the video of this long-awaited and exciting meeting. There is how he runs to greet him.

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