The father took care of the baby lions until the mother would return from the hospital, but the cubs did not seem to be satisfied at all


Լion father Singa had to take care of the five cubs while their mother was in the hospital.

She was recovering from an injury which was caused by another lion. Singa took care of them how much he could.

It was very difficult without the mother of the cubs. He even tried to raise the cubs to a safer place. That is what their mother did.

But he did not know how to do it right, and every time the cubs began to cry out loud.

Dad was very tolerant of them, but he was a little upset when the cubs started biting his tail.

The mother had to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks to fully recover and be able to return to her cubs.

And the cubs could not endure without their mother’s care. The father tried his best to make up for the absence of the mother, but the cubs were still crying.

And finally after a few weeks their mother returned. You just had to see the joy of the cubs when the mother finally came back to them.

With the help of doctors, she was completely healed and could already take care of her cubs.

The pictures show how happy the cubs were with their mother.

Probably Dad was also very happy that he would not have to do all that instead of a female lion.

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