Meet the 21-year-old Chihuahua, who recently recognized the world’s longest-lived dog


This cute-faced dog has been officially recognized as the oldets dog in the world, which is already 21years old.

The dog’s name is Toby. His owner named his dog after a singer who was touring her state at the time.

Gisela adopted her when she volunteered for Animal Rescue.

When she saw this dog, she realized that she should adopt that miracle dog.

It is true that the dog has heart problems, which, fortunately, do not bother him much. but the owners are very careful.

The dog is very active and likes to enjoy life. The dog also eats quite healthy.

Chihjahuas live an average of 12to18 years, and like all dog breeds, they have ssome health problems, especially if their owners do not take proper care of them.

There are problems that are common and Chihuahuas can also suffer from them.

These include some dentalproblems, heart disease and more.

But now the sweet dog is considered the longest-lived dog in the world.

We wish him good health and a happy happy life with his caring family.

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