A dog named Lilo helped bring the kitten back to life by giving her the love and warmth she needed most


Lilo is a very caring dog who lives in a house where there are many animals: her dog brother, many kittens and rabbits.

Recently a new family member came to their home and needed immediate help.

When he was found, the animal was almost on the verge of death.

The rescuers tried to feed Rosie all day, but they could not.

So they decided to introduce Lilo to the cat, as he had previously had experience caring for cats.

And everything went wonderfully. The dog not only cared for Rosie, but also lavished Rosie with the love and devotion she needed most.

Lilo and Rosie immediately became friends and established an inexplicable connection with each other.

Rosie completely changed and turned from a former shy and cowardly cat into an active and friendly cat.

These two are just unique in their friendship and are admired by everyone.

They obviously share a lot of love and warmth. Rose even began to imitate some of the traits of dogs.

Rosie now feels great in her large, caring family.

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