The dog seemed to be a real miracle sent to this girl who was having a heart attack at the time


Was what happened a fate or an accident? A kind man met the dog outside and took it to the Animal Association.

They also tried to find out if the dog was lost, but he did not have a collar or a microchip.

Picasso spent 19days in the shelter, eagerly awaiting the day when someone would finally come to adopt him.

Everyone just admired the calm nature of this dog. The shelter decided to organize a festive parade for dogs, in which Picasso also participated.

The dog was accompanied by one of the volunteers. The girl says that when they first met, the dog immediately hugged her.

It was so touching and sweet. That’s how they participated in different parades and this is what happened once.

Vigno and the dog were walking together when they noticed a girl who looked upset. At that moment the dog started taking her to that girl. As they approached the girl, the dog shook its head as if to support her.

It turned out that the girl was 16years old and was struggling with a serious heart problem. It sometimes could even lead to fainting.

At that moment, her mother was trying to help her daughter, as she had another heart attack.

The girl’s mother was simply amazed at how caring the dog was. They waited until the mother took her daughter home.

However, the woman could not forget what had happened and decided to visit the shelter the next day.

Picasso, of course, remembered the woman, and when he saw her, he ran to her and hugged her again.

At that moment, the woman realized that she had to adopt the dog. Abby has been asking for a dog for a long time.

It was all so touching. It was as if the dog had been sent to them by God ․․․

Twenty days later the dog had already found its eternal home and the most astonishing thing was that he had chosen his family.

They are convinced that all this could not have been an accident. This dog is a real miracle sent to them.

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