After losing their mom the kittens stayed together all that time until rescue team came to their aid


The little kittens managed to survive and stay together after such a traumatic ordeal ․․․

The rescue organization came to their aid and took them to the vet.

The little babies were injures. It turned out that they got injured from the car accident.

The cats were very small, about three weeks old.

They needed immediate medical attention and 24-hour care to fully recover.

One of kittens’ paws were injured seriously. So he needed more careful care.

The four kittens received the necessary care and treatment and started slowly regaining their strength.

They were cared for with great care and patience. The volunteers gave them very good food providing a comfortable environment for them.

After a very short time, they began to show their real nature, adapting to everything.

The kitten, whose paw was injured, was also recovering and he would soon be able to play with his siblings.

A few weeks later, the four shy creatures became the cutest, most curious and mischievous creatures in the world, who love to play, jump and explore their surroundings all day long.

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