After his owner was taken to a hospital, the cat was left all alone without food and water…


Marilyn was a very happy cat, she had a home and a family. And it seems that he does not need anything else for perfect happiness.

He had managed to win in a number of competitions. No one could have imagined that a cat’s life would change at once and for the worse.

The cat was already 10 years old when his beloved owner appeared in the hospital and he was left alone.

Soon the water and food would run out, and the poor cat would start chewing even what was not for eating.

The poor baby simply did not know how to survive. There was no one to help him.

Fortunately, information about the cat soon reached the shelter and a group of volunteers came to help him.

He was in an unbearable condition and was completely exhausted, his body was weak.

The cat was quickly taken to a veterinarian, where it was found that the cat had eye trauma, diseased kidneys, as well as heart pathology.

Doctors did their best to save the cat’s life. Soon a woman saw him and was simply moved by his condition.

The cat looked so unhappythat the woman could not remain indifferent and decided to make the cat happy.

He already had two cats with whom Merlin could not get along well at first, but in time they became friends and started playing with each other.

Now the cat has fully regained its strength and is so happy to have such a caring owner and wonderful friends.

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