The workers of the Auckland Zoo managed to safe the life of the lion cub who was on the verg of death


The Auckland Zoo recently resued an orphan cub that was in extremely poor condition.

She needed immediate help, so the staff rushed to the rescue. They named her Rose.

The baby weighed only 8.7 pounds, while the average is 30 pounds.

Zoo workers say that when she was found, she was on the verge of starvation.

According to them, she had not eaten anything for a long time.

Rose was immediately taken to a veterinarian, where she began receiving appropriate care.

They provide round-the-clock care for the baby and do everything possible to help the baby recover and regain its weight as soon as possible.

She was completely covered in ticks and also had to have a blood transfusion.

The lion cub still has a long way to go, but everyone is confident that Rose will be able to overcome everything.

They follow her treatment in every way. Some changes have already been noticed in her. The baby started to eat better.

But even after recovering, Rose will no longer be able to return to the wild.

Since Rose grows up without her mother and is not accustomed to wildlife, she will not be able to survive alone.

But after completing her recovery, Rose will be able to live in the zoo.

We are very grateful to everyone for taking care of the baby with such great care and doing everything so that he recovers quickly.

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