Rare white lions, born at Safari park, made everyone so happy, that it turned to a real holiday in China


It was a real holiday in the Safari Park.

They welcomed their new inhabitants – 4white lion cubs, all of them very sweet and healthy.

Asylum workers have to take care of the lions , as they are not ready to be reunited with their families.

The staff was so happy to meet these wonderful cubs.

They are really attractive, real miracles of nature.

We think you will agree that this kind of lions are very unique and extremely wonderful.

Their skin begins to turn white over time, but their eyes, lips, and claws remain the same.

Sadly, white lions now are on the list of endangerd animals.

According to the latest research, there are now about 300species of white lions in the world.

That is why when a white lion is born, it becomes a real holiday for everyone.

So, their gene must be well protected so that we do not lose these rare creatures.

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