After rescuing the raccoon firefighters took picture of him, which went viral immediately, making everyone laugh


Firefighters from the Georgian city of Dalton received an alarm about rescuing the animal and I quickly went to the scene.

There have been many cases of rescuing different animals, but they have never encountered a raccoon and when they saw it, they were very surprised.

The firefighters decided to take a photo after rescuing the animal, but they could not even imagine that it would spread so quickly on the Internet in a matter of hours.

It just went viral. But the reason later became clear to so many reactions.

The raccoon’s posture, called Raku, made everyone laugh.

It brought smiles to quite a number of people who saw the photo and started sharing it with their friends.

This is how it spread so quickly. The raccoon stared at the camera as if he wanted to say that he was very sorry for what he had done.

He was supposed to have entered the house of a thief to steal food.

Let’s hope that the animal has learned its lesson and will not do such mischief again next time.

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