The wodnerful dog managed to save her family by giving them signs that there was something wrong in the house


Bella is a mixed breed that was adopted by a wonderful family and now spends its happy days with Nicola and Bradley, as well as with their two daughters.

One December night, after their twin daughters had gone to bed, Bradley decided to watch a movie , while Nicola hugged Bella and lay down.

Nicola says that they always slept together like that, but this time the dog seemed to behave very strangely and breathed very fast.

Nicola thought she needed a toilet, so she let the dog go downstairs. And what happened a few minutes later, they will never forget.

When Nicola went to the living room, she saw the thick smoke, which spread throughout the house. Then the smoke signal went on.

They immediately woke up the girls, and quickly left the house.

Part of their house was completely burnt down and they do not even want to imagine what could have happened if the dog had not given signs to them.

This brave dog saved their lives and they will always be grateful to him.

Later it became clear that the fire was caused by the lights of their Christmas tree.

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