The poor pups were left outside in the severe cold, who hugged each other to survive


This man just adores dogs. When he sees homeless dogs, always approaches to help them.

One day on his way home, he met two young cubs who had been ruthlessly left outside that cold winter.

The two small and helpless cubs hugged each other to survive. That scene touched a man’s heart very much.

How can these innocent creatures be treated so cruelly? The cubs did not even hope that anyone would save them from that severe cold.

They were trembling terribly. When the man approached them, of course, they avoided him at first.

But the man could not leave them like that and leave. So he did not give up.

He finally managed to catch them and wrapped them in blankets to keep them warm until they got home.

As soon as they got home, the man fed them and then bathed the litte babies. Thanks to this man the cubs seemed to be born a second time .

Previous scared puppies have become soft and happy puppies.

They felt very safe and were not afraid of people anymore! All they needed was love and warmth.

After some days the man took the babies to a veterinarian for an examination, after which they started to search forever homes for them.

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