The little girl has to say goodbye to her best friend, lying next to him until the last minute


Unfortunately, this little girl had to say goodbye to her bestfriend.

The girl is only 6 years old, who was lying next to her dog, staying with him in her last minutes.

When Lee’s mother was pregnant with her, she was afraid that when the baby was born, their dog might react badly or not accept her, but after the girl was born, the dog became more attentive and caring.

When the girl grew a little older, she and her dog, Jayden, immediately became friends and everyone was amazed by their unusual friendship.

The dog let the girl do everything with him. They played together for hours creating wonderful memories together.

They went everywhere together and could not imagine their life without each other even for a second.

The connection between them was getting stronger day by day.

They created more and more vivid memories together that will always be in Lee’s memory.

Jaden was already 13 years old and completely deaf and also completely blind. He could barely walk.

Then they tool the dog to a veterinarian and it turned out that unfortunately there was only one option left – to put Jaden to sleep forever.

It is very painful to see the girl lying next to her best friend for the last time and saying goodbye to him.

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